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Various Artists: Reggae In High-Fi SACD

Various Artists
Reggae In High-Fi
Price: $49.99
  1. Jah Jah Voice is Calling / Peter Broggs
  2. 80,000 Careless Ethiopians / Jacob Miller
  3. Push Come to Shove / Freddie McGregor
  4. Nice Up Dancee / Natural Beauty
  5. Youthman Move / Culture
  6. Great Train Robbery / Black Uhuru
  7. Cool and Calm / Israel Vibration
  8. Highway Robbery / Israel Vibration
  9. Spring Heel Skanking / Don Carlos
  10. Pride and Dignity / Gregory Isaacs
  11. Every Posse Get Flat / Blood Fire Posse
  12. Place Mash Up / Sanchez & Flourgon
  13. Reggae on the Move / Yellowman
  14. Wild Wild West / Yellowman & Mad Professor
  15. Oh Me Oh My / Eek-A-Mouse


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Reggae In High-Fi <> various artists

Reggae In High-Fi contains 15 jammin’ selections…the cream of two decades from RAS Records. RAS Records is considered the pre-eminent Reggae label today. These are the real authentic sounds and superstars of Reggae.

Some of the featured artists include Black Uhuru, who was the winner of the very first Grammy for Reggae, Yellowman, who rose to superstardom as the notorious “toaster”, Israel Vibration, one of the biggest groups in Reggae today, as well as Jacob Miller, Freddie McGregor and Gregory Isaacs…all superstars and all perennial chart-toppers and more…