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Various Artists: O Reggae, Where Art Thou?

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Various Artists
O Reggae, Where Art Thou?
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  1. I Man Bitter - Pluto
  2. School - Prince Jazzbo
  3. No Portion a Gal - Sang Hugh
  4. Rasta Stop No One - The Stingers
  5. Boogie Bump - Pluto
  6. Everything I own - Ken Boothe
  7. Ram Goat Liver - Pluto
  8. Hold My Hand - The Starlites
  9. Fire, Fire - Lloyd Robinson
  10. Country Living - Eagles
  11. A-So - The Willows
  12. Johnny Reggae - Big Youth
  13. Aily - Cynthia Richards
  14. Second Chance - Ken Boothe
  15. Until It's Done - Delroy Wilson
  16. As Long As You Love Me - The Maytones
  17. Rasta No Born Yah - Sang Hugh
  18. Westbound Train - Dennis Brown
  19. Silver Words - Ken Boothe
  20. Have a Little Faith - Nicky Thomas

Here is a package of 20 of the most interesting roots sounds from the classic age of reggae music in Jamaica, 1971 through1974. Many of these classics are Jamaican perennials. As an example Prince Jazzbo demonstrates how rapping’s roots go way back to the early days of what the Rastamen called “toasting.” Many artists in this package would be considered “one-hit wonders.” Some of these artists are long-forgotten voices and some are those who are still making hit after hit. But, they all contributed to the foundation and the spreading of reggae music around the world.