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Various Artists: O Gospel, Where Art Thou?

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Various Artists
O Gospel, Where Art Thou?
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  1. I Can See My Savior
    The Ever-Ready Gospel Singers
  2. In the Morning
    Golden Gates Quartet
  3. Search Me Lord
    Kings of Harmony
  4. Look for Me in Heaven
    Echoes of Zion
  5. The Lord's Alphabet
    The Dixiaires
  6. Just a Closer Walk with Thee
    The Dixiaires
  7. Precious Lord Take My Hand
    Kings Of Harmony
  8. Was the Blood
    The Blind Boys
  9. Prayin' Time
    The Atlanta Pilgrim Travelers
  10. The Greatest Creator of Them All
    The Dixiaires
  11. Let it Shine on Me
    Kings Of Harmony
  12. Jesus Give Me Water
    The Dixiaires
  13. Sending Up My Timber
    The Ever-Ready Gospel Singers
  14. In the Wilderness
    Echoes Of Zion
  15. Sweet Jesus, the Lilly of the Valley
    The Atlanta Pilgrim Singers
  16. The Lord is My Sheppard
    Kings Of Harmony
  17. Let Nothing Seperate Me from His Love
    The Blind Boys



If anyone were to look for music that is truly American in scope, Gospel would be at the top of the list. These rare vintage "field" recordings from the early 1950's are some of the most amazing Black Gospel recordings ever put on tape. Beautifully recorded and exciting performances by legendary Black Gospel groups of the 1950's await new listeners in a new century.