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Various Artists: A Musical Tribute to the Olympics

Various Artists
A Musical Tribute to the Olympics
Price: $7.98
  1. Fire Inside - Elizabeth Tryon
  2. I Believe - Pomeroy
  3. Destiny - Sparechange
  4. One Voice - Bob Pressner Band
  5. Break Me Out - The Rescues
  6. Long Way From Home - Asia featuring John Payne
  7. The Longest Day - Bob Pressner Band
  8. Use What I Got - Lucy Woodward
  9. Out Here - Burgandy Brown
  10. Heart Of A Champion - Bob Pressner Band

The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China is an opportunity for the world, with one voice, to celebrate the best amateur athletes in the world. During these Olympics, hundreds of stories will be played out on the world stage.  The Olympics is the ultimate test for an athlete. Not only is the athlete competing for themselves, but they are coming to Beijing to represent their country, their town, their village. 

This year’s Summer Olympics will create memorable moments that will last throughout the ages. The thrill of the Olympic athlete standing in the winner’s circle, and their country’s flag being raised while their national anthem is being played is every athlete’s dream. This CD is dedicated to that dream… to that magic moment.

Enjoy this collection of songs celebrating the unquenchable spirit of the athletes who compete to be the very best. This CD is a tribute to them and also to the thousands of athletes who also compete every four years in the Special Olympics.