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Ten Years After::Rock & Roll Music to the World

Ten Years After
Rock & Roll Music to the World
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You Give Me Loving
Convention Prevention
Turned-Off TV Blues
Standing at the Station
You Can't Win Them All
Choo Choo Mama
Tomorrow I'll Be Out of Town
Rock & Roll Music to the World

Mastered by Steve Hoffman

"Alvin Lee and Ten Years After are in top form on this rock & roll extravaganza"

There would only be one more studio recording from Ten Years After following the 1972 release of Rock & Roll Music to the World. This album was a favorite in the early 70's and the catchy rockin' title track gained quite a lot of radio play. While the content of the songs is inspired by the blues, the music is rock & roll, cleanly played with power and finesse. The band sounds tight and relaxed. Chick Churchill plays some interesting combination of synthesizer and organ lines, Ric Lee's pounding drums and Leo Lyons' bass work drive the powerful backbeat.

Nevertheless, it is Alvin Lee who wrote, sang, and in most cases defines this recording by his lead guitar sensibilities, adeptly in tow, cutting loose with exceptional runs on nearly every track. This far less frenetic outing by Alvin Lee contains his tastiest playing. Lee is a master technician--even at his fastest, each note is round and full, with a beginning, middle, and end, and each note is distinct--no slurring.

This album flows from the opening number, "You Give Me Loving," a six and 1/2 minute musical mass of metal and sound effects, through the roaring "Choo Choo Mama," to the closing title track. The "dream" of the psychedelic '60's is given a final nod in "Rock and Roll Music
To the World
" as Lee sings, "Give peace a chance, get up and dance." This classic album was created by a serious group of talented individuals in their prime...lean, mean and free of filler...there is simply nothing in here that misses a beat.