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Ten Years After :: A Space In Time

Ten Years After :: A Space In Time
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Ten Years After
A Space In Time
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1. One of These Days
2. Here They Come
3. I'd Love to Change the World
4. Over The Hill
5. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock 'n' Roll You
6. Once There Was a Time
7. Let the Sky Fall
8. Hard Monkeys
9. I've Been There Too
10. Uncle Jam

Mastered by Steve Hoffman

"...a classic rock classic, one of the greatest early British hard rock albums."

An appearance on the final night at Woodstock only reinforced the status of Ten Years After as one of Britain's premiere blues rock bands and they were at the height of their powers in 1971 when they released “A Space in Time”.  The record includes their classic rock hit, "I'd Love to Change the World" - with guitar riffs that must be included among the greatest in Rock'n'Roll history - the album went on to be their all-time best seller.

Guitarist and vocalist Alvin Lee provides exceptional blues leads and the majority of the songwritingmalong with band mates, Chick Churchill on keyboards, Leo Lyons, bass and drummer, Ric Lee. “A Space in Time” is a mature work, more restrained than the band's previous albums primarily because of the liberal use of tasty acoustic guitar and plenty of sound effects and studio tricks that complement the overall texture...and it really works. There's still Alvin Lee's lightning quick blues licks, but he also knew how to slow it down on the quiter tracks as well as write some powerfull tunes ranging from the folky "Here They Come" to the Chuck Berry-influenced, "Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock and Roll You" and "Let the Sky Fall" is a standout track with psychedelic vocals reminiscent of Jimi Henrix.

Alvin Lee has said "A Space in Time" is his favorite album...some would call it a masterpiece of rock.