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Soupy Sez!

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Soupy Sez!
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SOUPY Sez!” is jam packed with




and surprises for the whole family to enjoy.

All from Soupy’s personal archives
of his 1978 and 1979 color programs.


There’s more hilarious fun in “SOUPY Sez!”, a whole new collection.
Over 2 hours of Soupy at his best!

•  “SOUPY Sez!” is full of “words of wisdom” for the young and old. The fun of the whole gang, Pookie, Hippy, Black Tooth and White Fang are back!

•  Enjoy lots more from the “Pookie Players” as they act out numerous famous fairy tales in their own peculiar way.

•  White Fang can’t stay out of trouble getting involved with a talent scout, Fangs Donuts, always trying to get Black Tooth into trouble and more.

•  Soupy doesn’t disappoint with own versions of “This Is/Was Your Life”, “The Songwriter”, a full color version of Pachalafaka and so much more.

Truly a Collector’s Edition of Soupy’s Classic Television Series! You’ll Enjoy It Over and Over…