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Sonny Clark: The Sonny Clark Trio

Sonny Clark
The Sonny Clark Trio
Price: $24.99
  1. Junka (Master Take)
  2. Sonia (Master Take)
  3. Blues Blue (Master Take)
  4. Nica (Master Take)
  5. Minor Meeting (Master Take)
  6. Sonny's Crip (Master Take)
  7. Blues Mambo (Master Take)
  8. My Conception (Master Take)
  9. Sonia (Alternate Take)
  10. Blues Blue (Alternate Take)
  11. Junka (Alternate Take)
  12. Minor Meeting (Alternate Take)
  13. Nica (Alternate Take)

Among audiophiles and jazz aficionados, the re-release of The Sonny Clark Trio has been long anticipated. Long out of print and never issued on CD, this set of musical gems is finally here and is making its 21st century debut on SACD and 180+ Virgin Vinyl on AUDIO FIDELITY. The Sonny Clark Trio features Max Roach on drums and George Duvivier on bass. Produced by the legendary Bobby Shad and re-mastered for SACD and 180+ Virgin Vinyl by the maestro of mastering, Steve Hoffman. This is a must have.