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Simon & Garfunkel: Sounds Of Silence

Simon & Garfunkel
Sounds Of Silence
Price: $29.99

The Sounds of Silence
Leaves That Are Green
Kathy's Song
Somewhere They Can't Find Me
Anji    Angie
Richard Cory
A Most Peculiar Man
April Come She Will"
We've Got a Groovy Thing Goin'
I Am a Rock

"...a fine mix of style and the best showcase of the Simon and Garfunkel talents with
rich accompianment and solid harmonies."

Sounds of Silence is Simon & Garfunkel's second album.The title track is legendary - when the original, acoustic version of the tune was given a rock feel by adding an electric backing track, folk-rock was invented, and the duo were catapulted to superstardom. It is here that Simon starts to realize his full potential as a brilliant songwriter, and Garfunkel as a breath-taking singer.

This release is propelled by the two great and memorable songs; The lyrics of the title
tune are equal to any that were being produced at the time and one of those rare
songs that defines a period of time and is instantly recognizable by its first few notes. “I
Am A Rock”
a sensitive and thoughtful song of loneliness is poetry set to music and
was the second single released from the album reaching #3 on Billboard.

Mastered by Kevin Gray

The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame duo's 1966 breakthrough