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Sarah McLachlan::Touch

Sarah McLachlan
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1. Out of the Shadows
2. Vox
3. Strange World
4. Trust
5. Touch
6. Steaming
7. Sad Clown
8. Uphill Battle
9. Ben's Song

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio


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Sarah McLachlan::Touch

"...a pristine premiere...early signs of the beauty to come"

Touch is the 1988 debut album by Sarah McLachlan. The album showcases a
distinctive sound combining the elements of folk and progressive rock and evidences
true musical talent. Only 19 at the time, McLachlan had years to go before she would
become the seductive songstress and sensitive balladeer and yet she was already
showing a sense of maturity.
Sarah's classical training and skilled playing ability shines through on this release. This is
an impressive first effort, McLachlan's pristine vocals and intricate guitar work yield several
memorable tracks, including the opening "Out of the Shadows" and the enchanting "Strange World." Her youthful romanticism is perhaps captured best in "Trust", a catchy tune that is embellished with male vocals, sparkling keyboards, bongos, and distant electric-guitar licks.
Other tracks, especially "Vox" and "Steaming," are beautiful tracks that have a light sense ofyearning that she would later develop i nto the sensual crooning of her mid-'90s work. And "Ben's Song," a piano ballad, would go on to be included in her live shows.
Touch was widely popular at alternative radio, vastly different from the material that would follow and serves as an interesting look back at the first efforts of a young singer, a blossoming talen that was in the early stages of blooming. Touch is a glorious surprise.

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