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Rush :: Roll The Bones

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Roll The Bones
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1. Dreamline
2. Bravado
3. Roll the Bones
4. Face Up
5. Where's My Thing?
    (Part IV, "Gangster of Boats" Trilogy)
6. The Big Wheel
7. Heresy
8. Ghost of a Chance
9. Neurotica
10. You Bet Your Life

Mastered by Kevin Gray
Producer: Rupert Hine and Rush

"... inspired and of the most innovative rock bands in history."

"Roll The Bones," Rush's fourteenth studio album, released in 1991, is a fantastic blend of tempos, ideas, and musical explorations. The album marks further transition from the band's 1980s style to their sound in the 1990s - it still has Rush's dark mystique but it is a more pop-oriented album.  There are four popular radio staples, "Bravado," "Ghost Of A Chance," "Roll the Bones" and "Dreamline" with the former reaching #1 on the US Mainstream Rock chart, while "Where's My Thing" was Grammy nominated for Best Rock Instrumental.

The band reunited with producer Rupert Hine for his second Rush album and "Roll the Bones" became their first US Top 5 album since 1981 peaking at #3 on the Billboard Top 200. The album also won the Canadian band that country's 1992 Juno Award for best album cover design.

The album excels in the songwriting and the musicianship is first-rate: Geddy Lee's bass playing and vocals, Alex Lifeson's guitar work and Neil Peart continues his journey for the perfect drum sound.  Rush has been around for many years, and has gone though many musical phases, always willing to try new things  and to experiment musically, lyrically, and technologically. "Roll The Bones" lives up to its name, Rush took some chances... and still made a great record.