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Rod Stewart: Never A Dull Moment

Rod Stewart
Never A Dull Moment
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"True Blue" (Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood) – 3:32
"Lost Paraguayos" (Stewart, Wood) – 3:57
"Mama You Been On My Mind" (Bob Dylan) – 4:29
"Italian Girls" (Stewart, Wood) – 4:54
"Angel" (Jimi Hendrix) – 4:04
"Interludings" (A. Wood) – 0:40
"You Wear It Well" (Stewart, Martin Quittenton) – 4:22
"I'd Rather Go Blind" (Billy Foster, Ellington Jordon) –3:53
"Twisting the Night Away" (Sam Cooke) – 3:13

"... The last masterpiece of Rod Stewart's career"

Before he became part of the world of blonde-spiked hair and colorful jumpsuits, Rod Stewart created a handful of magnificent records using an eclectic mix of rock, British folk, soul, blues and country, including his fourth album, 1972's, "Never A Dull Moment".  It is Stewart's hardest-rocking album up to this point - he was at the top of his form singing from his soul and not his image.

This recording stands aside "Every Picture Tells a Story" as the twin- peak achievements of his career, it is a stunning collection containing his trademark acoustic-electric mix of instruments and bluesy vocals - lots of mandolin, acoustic guitar, slide, and slightly fuzzy leads courtesy of Ron Wood.

There are great original songs here, including "True Blue" featuring all of his his Faces' mates. Some of the best tunes are covers of Dylan, Sam Cooke, Hendrix and a masterful interpretation of Etta James', "I'd Rather Go Blind".

The album hit # 1 in the UK and reached #2 in the US. "You Wear It Well' and "Twisting the Night Away", were huge international single hits.

Back in the day, Rod Stewart was, quite simply, the best rock singer in the world - this CD never disappoints, it has no dull moments.