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Politically Incoherent

New Release
ROCKY MOUNTAIN MIKE and The Not Suitable For Work Players
Politically Incoherent
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Politically Incoherent

"If you can't beat 'em, join us in laughing at 'em."

Featuring Jim Ward
and The Not Suitable For Work Players

Regardless of which side of the aisle you may dwell you'll
be rolling in the aisles with laughter.

They're All Here...Rush, Barack, Sarah, Mitch, Boehner, The Donald and Rick Perry and more.

TRACKS and TOPICS include:
It's My Party
News Update 1
Tea Party Harmony
The Gay Agenda
Motel Fox
Rick Perry History/Mitch McConnell's Letter
Obama Derangement Syndrome
Drone City
Redstatetta Stone
Class Warfare
News Update 2
GOP And Say
How They're Made
Right Wing Troll Notification Test
Pat Robertson's Gay Abortion Color Radar
This Is All Turning Into Some Kind Of Bad Moviephone
Let's All Vote With Our Lobbyist
News Update 3
What's My Comment?
CPAC Nationals Showdown
Slime Life Video Presents The Tea Party
Skeeter - It Gets Better
Citizens United Airlines
The Bandits Of Medicine Gulch
News Update 4
Sarah Palin's Story Of America

Produced by Mike Hardeman
Directed by Mike Hardeman & Jeff Hoyt
Written by Mike Hardeman, Jeff Hoyt & Jim Ward

Yes, the people in Washington as well as the folks at right wing talk radio are worth spoofing.

Not since the Vaughn Meader's historic "The First Family" comedy phenomen of the 60's has anyone captured the world of politcs and media with the insight and wit that is POLITICALLY INCOHERENT

WAR <> TAXES <> INEQUALITY <> JOBS <> GUNS  are no laughing matter except in the mind of ROCKY MOUNTAIN MIKE featuring Jim Ward and the Not Suitable For Work Players.

If the politicians and loud mouth media have you confused POLITICALLY INCOHERENT may not help you learn more, but it will generate some laughter. Hell, if we're not crying about WDC we might as well share in some hilarity.

Since listening to talk radio and political speaches can leave you in tears, why not laugh so hard till you'll want to cry.

No issue goes unscathed from the class warfare to Citizens United. Congress may have a 10% approval rating, but POLITICALLY INCOHERANT is 100% Hilarious!

Whether you're gay, straight, Latino, black or part of the rapidly disapearing white minority you're sure to find POLITICALLY INCOHERRANT funny.

Let's call the Tea Party and throw a party and at your next politcal rally, rally around POLITCALLY INCOHERRRANT


* This recording is suitable for lefties, righties and independents.