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No Jacket Required

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Phil Collins
No Jacket Required
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 1 Sussudio        
 2 Only You Know And I Know    
 3 Long Long Way To Go        
 4 I Don't Wanna Know        
 5 One More Night        
 6 Don't Lose My Number         
 7 Who Said I Would    
 8 Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore         
 9 Inside Out        
10 Take Me Home        
11 We Said Hello Goodbye

Mastered by Steve Hoffman

The winner of the 1985 Grammy for Album of the Year

1985 's No Jacket Required is Phil Collins' 3rd studio album. It became his first solo album to reach #1 in several countries, including the US and affirmed his superstar status apart from Genesis.

No Jacket Required features fine song writing and a superb sense of musicianship. A perfect blend of his signature drum beats and the soulful grooviness of his supporting cast, Phil uses the drum machine and concentrates on the keyboard and it really works. The recording features guest vocalists, including Helen Terry, Peter Gabriel and Sting. The sound of Phil Collins was the sound of the 80's and this is where his trademark vocals and big percussion come together to produce one of the soundtracks to that era. Four singles were top-ten hits, "Sussudio," "One More Night," "Who Said I Would," and "Don't Lose My Number." 

"No Jacket Required is not an album that waits to be liked."
Rolling Stone