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Mike + The Mechanics :: Mike + The Mechanics

Mike + The Mechanics
Mike + The Mechanics
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Silent Running
All I Need Is A Miracle 
Par Avion  
Hanging By A Thread 
I Get The Feeling  
Take The Reins  
You Are The One  
A Call To Arms 
Taken In  

Mastered by Kevin Gray  


ONLY ONE remains...

Rare 24K Gold Limited Edition #284
Mike + The Mechanics

" outstanding debut album - original songwriting, dominant singers and polished musicianship."

The self-titled Mike + The Mechanics' 1985 debut reached number 26 on the Billboard Top 200 album charts and is best known for the three hit singles that were released from this collection, "All I Need is a Miracle," "Taken In," and "Silent Running."  The band was a side project
for Genesis guitarist and co-founding member Mike Rutherford.  The mood-setting drum work of Peter Van Hooke and the keyboard fills from Adrian Lee play a large part in setting the album's tone, and add some pop zest to the majority of the tracks. Rutherford recruited two lead vocalists to sing the words for his music, Squeeze's lead vocalist Paul Carrack and Sad Cafe's Paul Young while Rutherford handled guitars and bass

"Silent Running," featuring lead vocals by Paul Carrack was the single that launched the success of Mike + The Mechanics reaching #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the up-tempo "All I Need Is a Miracle," sung by Paul Young reached #5 on the charts. "Taken In" - a simple ballad that's bettered by Paul Young's genuine emotional charm - rose to #32 on the Hot 100 and #7 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Singles chart. The songwriting throughout the album is top-notch including the marvelous "A Call To Arms," which began as a Genesis song, co-written by bandmates Phil Collins and Tony Banks. Relative to the era, the songs here aren't just about music videos and MTV but rich in themes of love, relationships, individuality, politics and social issues.
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