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Lene Lovich: Live From New York At Studio 54

Lene Lovich
Live From New York At Studio 54
Price: $16.95
  1. Cats Away
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. Details
  4. Joan
  5. Rocky Road
  6. Too Tender (To Touch)
  7. Say When
  8. Lucky Number
  9. New Toy
  10. Bird Song
  11. Angels
  12. Home
  13. One In A Million

The iconic Lene Lovich defined a sound & style that is clearly her own. Starting in 1979 with the hit single “Lucky Number”, Lene helped usher in and define the “new wave” era. Lene’s melding of funk, punk, new wave, cabaret & her infectious lyrics are captured on this DVD recorded live in New York in 1981. This is Lene Lovich at her best, featuring some of her biggest hits “Lucky Number”, “New Toy” & more.