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KATE BUSH #60 :: 2-Pack

KATE BUSH 180g Vinyl Audio Fidelity 2-Pack
BUY Both & SAVE!
SKU: AFZV2 003
Price: $249.99

You will receive the rare Limited Edition #60
of both KATE BUSH 180g vinyl releases

Kate Bush <> Hounds Of Love
180g Marbled-Pressing-Edition
Hypnotic and fantastic... One of the Best of the 80's
...a superior recording in every way.
...years later, this album is unmatched!

Kate Bush <> The Sensual World
"Close your eyes, listen and immerse yourself...A masterpiece not to be missed."

Two Rare #60 Limited Edition KATE BUSH albums

The Senusal World

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Kate Bush
The Sensual World

"The album is Kate's most mature and most sensual work... this is sexuality on a different level."

Side 1:
The Sensual World
Love and Anger
The Fog
Reaching Out
Heads We're Dancing

Side 2:
Deeper Understanding
Between a Man and a Woman
Never Be Mine
Rocket's Tail
This Woman's Work

Mastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin Gray

Kate Bush
Hounds Of Love

"...It is not just her masterpiece, it is a masterpiece by any measure."

Side 1: "Hounds Of Love"
Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)     
Hounds Of Love   
The Big Sky   
Mother Stands For Comfort   

Side 2: "The Ninth Wave"
And Dream Of Sheep   
Under Ice   
Waking The Witch   
Watching You Without Me   
Jig Of Life   
Hello Earth   
The Morning Fog  

Mastered by Steve Hoffman

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