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Judy Collins :: Colors of the day THE BEST of Judy Collins

Judy Collins Colors of the day...THE BEST of JUSY COLLINS
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Judy Collins
Colors of the day THE BEST OF Judy Collins
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Track listing
 Someday Soon
 Since You Asked  
 Both Sides Now
 Sons Of
 Farewell to Tarwathie
 Who Knows Where the Time Goes
 Sunny Goodge Street
 My Father
 In My Life
 Amazing Grace

Produced by Mark Abramson, David Anderle
MASTERED: Stereo CD, SACD mastering and
4.0 Analog to Hi Definition DSD Digital
Transfer:Steve Hoffman and Stephen Marsh

Judy Collins
Colors of the day THE BEST OF Judy Collins

"This anthology brings the "best-of" collection to a new art form."

Colors of the Day...The Best of Judy Collins first arrived in record stores in 1972. The
recording features Collins' earliest, most time-honored recordings. The song that propelled
the album sales was her number one hit, "Both Sides Now," a tune that dominated the charts
for months.

Collins' voice is remarkably beautiful, her phrasing, her ability to annunciate and her
vocal range place her in a category by herself. Her amazing vocal work is on full display in
this excellent collection that includes Collins'explorations into folk-pop, country-pop
("Someday Soon," an Ian Tyson classic), British folk ("Sunny Goodge Street," "In My Life"),
and gospel ("Amazing Grace") that clearly show her eclecticism.

The lovingly programmed collection includes the Leonard Cohen classic, "Suzanne." Cohen's
haunting and evocative lyrics are masterfully interpreted by Collins, an early champion of
his amazingly poetic folk songs. Some of the record's finest moments are from her exquisite
1968 album "Who Knows Where the Time Goes" including that album's title track. Also included
are two of her own autobiographical compositions, "My Father" and "Albatross."