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Judas Priest: Hell Bent For Leather

Judas Priest
Hell Bent For Leather
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1   Delivering The Goods
2   Rock Forever
3   Evening Star
4   Hell Bent For Leather
5   Take On The World
6   Burnin' Up
7   The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
8   Killing Machine
9   Running Wild
10   Before The Dawn
11   Evil Fantasies


Crack the whip and rev the engine...a brilliantly realized
headbanging classic that ranks among heavy metal's greatest.

In many ways the fifth Judas Priest studio album, "Hell Bent for Leather" (a/k/a "Killing Machine" outside the US) released in the fall of 1978 is the band's definitive album, showcasing all their strengths and epitomizing what this heavy metal group is all about. The album was produced during the period they adopted the "leather & studs" style breaking new ground in heavy metal sound and image.   

Although gothic themes are present the album isn't truly dark or morbid, the band is as aggressive and brutally intense as ever. The blistering two-guitar attack and shreds of Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing will melt your head - the solos have some serious attitude, and by now Rob Halford had established his quite unique, much lower and more menacing, vocal style.

The album offers a glimpse of things to come, included are the undeniable Priest classics and permanent fixtures in their live shows.- "The Green Manalishi", totally destroys the original Fleetwood Mac song, and when you hear that motorcycle roar, you know "Hell Bent For Leather", one of the great metal songs of all time, will play.

Classics galore complete this recording from the mighty opener, "Delivering the Goods", "Rock Forever", "Killing Machine"and "Running Wild" in addition to the actual top 40 hits, "Evening Star" and "Take on the World" - nearly every track is ripping, and dangerous.
In 1978-1979, there wasn't anything quite like this album, Judas Priest basically reinvented heavy metal music and every band from Iron Maiden to Metallica have been influenced by them.

The album that marks the beginning of the ascencion of Judas Priest to Metal God status.