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James Taylor : Walking Man

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James Taylor
Walking Man
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 1   Walking Man 
 2   Rock 'N' Roll Is Music Now 
 3   Let It All Fall Down 
 4   Me And My Guitar   
 5   Daddy's Baby   
 6   Ain't No Song   
 7   Hello Old Friend  
 8   Migration   
 9   The Promised Land  
10   Fading Away   

Mastered by Steve Hoffman

"...possesses that peculiar Taylor charm and intimacy that few other artists can touch."

Walking Man, James Taylor's fifth album, released in 1974  finds him at a transitional period.
This album is the first that has the comtemporary JT feel to it, his sound and songwriting had matured. He still delivers the classic sound developed back in the Sweet Baby James era but the "one man and his guitar" format has given way to heavier orchestration and use of a horn secion that gives the general sound more of a bite. The production is precise and manicured and always features Taylor's unique guitar style and at the center of each song is Taylor's friendly, vulnerable voice.
James alternates between ballads with strings, ballads with horns and ballads with himself, as well as jazz and folk.  There is a strong jazzy feeling on the whole album and sometimes, the jazz takes risky, surprising and beautiful turns. The title song "Walking Man," released as the album's first single stands today as an often reprised fan favourite. Also included is the tender lullaby "Daddy's Baby," written in honor of Taylor's newly born daughter. Taylor delivers Chuck Berry's 1964 hit, "The Promised Land," with understated fidelity and joining James on his most unabashed rock effort to date, "Rock and Roll Is Music Now" is Carly Simon and Paul and Linda McCartney. Taylor has an understated way with a lyric but always hits his mark, which is the listener's heart.

"... an album of sure, truth-telling merit and no-apologies intensity."