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James Taylor :: Mud Slide Slim

James Taylor
Mud Slide Slim
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Love Has Brought Me Around
You've Got a Friend
Places in My Past
Riding on a Railroad
Mud Slide Slim
Hey Mister, That's Me up on the Jukebox
You Can Close Your Eyes
Machine Gun Kelly
Long Ago and Far Away
Let Me Ride
Highway Song
Isn't It Nice to Be Home Again

Mastered by Steve Hoffman

" of the most masterful albums of the 70's...James Taylor at his songwriting and arranging peak."

Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon is James Taylor's third album. It contained his biggest hit,"You've Got a Friend," which became his only #1 on the Billboard charts. The album included another Top 40 hit, "Long Ago and Far Away" and concert favorites, in particularly "You Can Close Your Eyes". The album won two 1972 Grammy Awards including Best Pop Vocal Performance and Song Of The Year ("You've Got A Friend").

Mud Slide Slim shows a different aspect of Taylor's talents in that he has a wider selection of different types of songs, lovely, lilting, uplifting, pensive, hopeful vignettes that convey a peace and serenity rarely found so early in one's career. The music is mostly based around Taylor's acoustic guitar with help here and there from Carole King on piano, John Hartford on banjo, Richard Greene on fiddle, The Memphis Horns and Joni Mitchell and Kate Taylor on background vocals.

James Taylor perfectly synthesizes the white and black strains of American music. His undemonstrative singing style bespeaks great emotion, his harmonic songs are sophisticated and his embellishment of a melody line is almost always bluesy. This album is testimony to his wonderful talent and ability which has been there from the start...brilliant proof of just how incredibly talented an interpretive artist Taylor really is.