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Heart :: Magazine

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Heartless – 5:02
Devil Delight – 5:00
Just the Wine – 4:16
Without You – 4:42
Magazine – 6:22
Here Song – 1:34
Mother Earth Blues (Live) – 5:59
I've Got the Music in Me (Live) – 6:18

Mastered by Steve Hoffman
at Stephen Marsh Mastering


Last Copy Remains...
Limited Edition  #9

"A rare gem...a mix of ballads and straight out rock blues-metal at its purest."

Heart <> Magazine

Magazine shows Heart while they are still an idealistic young band, before they became such a worldwide phenomenon. Their second album shows the same impassioned songs that marked the band's debut, Dreamboat Annie. They were really hard rockers back then. Ann and Nancy Wilson wove a tapestry of gypsy meets modern woman, and it is highly involved in the early songwriting.

The 1978 release was a victim of legal hassles with the label that delayed its release, yet the album boasts a mix of light and heavy tracks that are pure Heart. The rockin' "Devil Delight" and the bluesy-rock stomp of "Heartless"- one of their best songs ever!
There's the beautiful, sweet acoustic moment of "Here Song" and the smooth "Just the Wine" and the Nilsson cover "Without You"- Ann's vocals are incredible, she has the chops to belt out like Janis Joplin! There's the pure, slow and chugging blues of the "Mother Earth Blues" and the stomping,live recording, "I've Got The Music In Me."

Magazine eventually went platinum and peaked at # 17 on the album charts and the album's only single, "Heartless" landed on the Top 40 charts.

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