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Grand Funk::We're An American Band

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Grand Funk
We're An American Band
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One of the true classics of Rock & Roll...PLAY AT FULL VOLUME!

 1.   We're An American Band
 2.   Stop Lookin' Back
 3.   Creepin' 
 4.   Black Licorice
 5.   The Railroad 
 6.   Ain't Got Nobody 
 7.   Walk Like A Man 
 8.   Loneliest Rider 

 Bonus Tracks:
  9. Hooray
10. The End
11. Stop Lookin' Back (Acoustic Mix)
12. We're an American Band (2002 Remix)


You cannot talk about rock in the 1970s without talking about
Grand Funk Railroad.

Rolling Stone

Grand Funk Railroad built their reputation on tour, they were the people's choice.
On the 1973 release of their seventh studio album, it took producer Todd Rundgren to polish the pop. This is the album where they turned commercial and radio stations found comfort. The funk is still there, the hard rock is still there, but sonically, the record was sharp and detailed and the band's playing was tighter and more accomplished.  The album's title song became Grand Funk's first gold-selling number one hit, it became there signature song and went on to be one of the biggest rock songs of all time.

We're An American Band climbed to #2 on the album charts, the highest position of all their albums and a second single, "Walk Like a Man" also reached the Top 20.