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George Benson <> Breezin'

George Benson
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1. Breezin'
2. This Masquerade
3. Six to Four
4. Affirmation
5. So This is Love?
6. Lady

Produced by Tommy Lipuma

Multichannel SACD 5.1 mix: Al Schmitt at Capitol Records
Multichannel SACD 5.1 mastering: Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab
Stereo CD and SACD mastering: Steve Hoffman at Stephen Marsh Mastering


LAST Copy of this Jazz Classic


George Benson   

"A landmark album that gave birth to a new form of jazz."

 Breezin' by singer and guitarist George Benson is the best-selling Jazz album of all time. Breezin' is a true virtuoso performance: a four-time Grammy nominee and two-time winner, the first album by a jazz artist to earn platinum certification.
  Originally released in 1976, Breezin' - spearheaded by the hit single "This Masquerade" - was the album that first alerted the publc at large to Benson's talents. Long before that, however, he was known to jazz fans as "very probably the most gifted guitarist since Wes Montgomery."
   Produced by Tommy Lipuma, Breezin' features Benson with keyboardists Ronnie Foster and Jorge Dalto, rhythm guitarist Phil Upchurch, drummer Harvey Mason, bass player Stanley Banks and percussionist Ralph MacDonald.
Leon Russell's "This Masquerade" (the first song in music history to occupy the #1 spot in jazz, pop and R & B charts), featuring Benson's soulful vocal and his trademark guitar-voice scatting technique, is the album's only non-instrumental. The other numbers include Bobby Womack's title song, the winner of Grammies for Record of the Year and Best
Pop Instrumental.

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