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The Doobie Brothers: Minute by Minute

The Doobie Brothers
Minute by Minute
Price: $24.99
  1. Here to Love You
  2. What a Fool Believes
  3. Minute by Minute
  4. Dependin' on You
  5. Don't Stop to Watch the Wheels
  6. Open Your Eyes
  7. Sweet Feelin'
  8. Steamer Lane Breakdown
  9. You Never Change
  10. How Do the Fools Survive?


This is where the "new" Doobie Brothers really made their debut with emphasis on horns and Michael McDonald's voice and piano. The public loved it, buying more than three million copies. The recording establishment gave Minute By Minute four Grammy Awards, propelling the group to its biggest success ever. Features What A Fool Believes, Minute By Minute and more.