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Cheap Trick::In Color

Cheap Trick
In Color
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Side 1
1   Hello There 
2   Big Eyes 
3   Downed   
4   I Want You To Want Me  
5   You're All Talk   

Side 2
1   Oh Caroline 
2   Clock Strikes Ten 
3   Southern Girls  
4   Come On, Come On 
5   So Good To See You 

Mastered by Kevin Gray

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"One of  Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time
- Hard rocking fun,  a pure power pop masterpiece."

1977's, In Color is Cheap Trick's second album release and the songs and music are as impressive as the band's debut. Melodic, gritty, and just a rockin' good time, the record is one of rock's best ever sets of lip-smacking, hip-shaking, guitar-driven, harmony-coated super-songs.
The album contains the studio version of "I Want You To Want Me" that would go on to become one of their biggest hits a few years later when it was released on the "At Budakon" album, along with four other tracks from this record  ("Hello There," "Big Eyes," "Clock Strikes Ten" and "Come On, Come On") and these original versions have all the energy of that classic live set.

Producer Tom Werman understood the band's pop dynamic and brought out the best in the individual members - this is pop/rock written and performed by young adults and it's as close to perfection as pop-metal/power-pop gets. Aside from the craftsmanship, the album has genuine heart and a fun attitude. Cheap Trick is a band that never took itself too seriously as famously illustrated on the gatefold LP jacket with pretty-boys, singer Robin Zander and bassist Tom Petersson, looking cool in full color astride motorcycles on the front cover while the geek-squad, drummer Bun E. Carlos and guitarist Rick Nielsen, rest on motor bikes, in black and white and upside-down, on the back.


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