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The Cars: Heartbeat City 24K

The Cars
Heartbeat City
Price: $24.99
  1. Hello Again
  2. Looking for Love
  3. Magic
  4. Drive
  5. Stranger Eyes
  6. You Might Think
  7. It's Not the Night
  8. Why Can't I Have You
  9. I Refuse
  10. Heartbeat City

One of the great representative albums of '80's New Wave
A classic album by a group that helped rock music find its new direction.

The Cars, Heartbeat City, was released in 1984 and immediately shot up the charts to Number 3. The album produced several songs instantly recognizable as classics that will forever be among the greatest pop songs ever recorded. 

Heartbeat City contains a total of five Top hit singles, including "Drive" (#3), which would be a great song in any era, "Magic" (#12), which also has a great video to go with it,  "You Might Think" (#7) and "Hello Again" (#20).

Anyone who watched MTV in the mid-to-late 1980s would have seen a Cars video from
Heartbeat City.

Heavy beats. Cool lyrics. Lots of keyboards.  This album represents 80's music at its peak, and was a forerunner of New Wave becoming pop and pop becoming New Wave.

The Cars experienced their greatest success with Heartbeat City. This CD has been mastered by Steve Hoffman