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Bread :: The Best of Bread

Bread :: The Best Of Bread
The Best of Bread
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Make It with You
Everything I Own
Baby I'm-a Want You
It Don't Matter to Me
Mother Freedom
Down on My Knees
Too Much Love
Let Your Love Go
Look What You've Done

Produced by David Gates
Associate Producer: James Griffin
Mastered for this release by Steve Hoffman
at Stephen Marsh Mastering

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The Best of Bread

"Soft Rock Excellence...A true classic."

This 1973 "The Best of Bread" recording is a great collection of music from Bread, the popular 1970's band best known for their mellow, smooth, melodic and often mournful tunes. Many of the classic Bread tunes included in this set live on through soft rock stations everywhere.

Lead singer David Gates crooned his way into America's heart, and starting with "Make It With You" quickly spun off hits like "Everything I Own," "Diary," "Baby I'm A Want You," "It Don't Matter To Me" and "If". This album covers all the early hits and more delivered with a deceptively breezy tone by one of pop's purest vocalists. At times, their songs had a more upbeat feel as with "Mother Freedom," but they always retain that same soothing blend of soulful lyrics and gentle music.