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Blue Öyster Cult :: Secret Treaties

Blue Öyster Cult   Secret Treaties
Blue Öyster Cult
Secret Treaties
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1. Career of Evil
2. Subhuman
3. Dominance and Submission
4. ME 262
5. Cagey Cretins
6. Harvester of Eyes
7. Flaming Telepaths
8. Astronomy

Producers: Murray Krugman, Sandy Pearlman
Engineer: Tim Geelan-Quadraphonic Remix Engineer

Stereo Mastering by Steve Hoffman and Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering
Quad Mastering & SACD Authoring: Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering

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Blue Öyster Cult
Secret Treaties

"...a breathless rock monolith that is all dark delight and sinister pleasure."

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Secret Treaties is the third studio album and final part of the powerful early '70s trio of albums by Blue Öyster Cult. While the speed-freak adrenaline heaviness and shrouded occult mystery of Tyranny and Mutation is the watermark for the band's creative invention, it is Secret Treaties that is widely and critically regarded as the band's classic.

The album spent 14 weeks in the US album charts, Melody Maker rated it "Top Rock Album of All Time" in 1975 and in 2002 Rolling Stone magazine called it one of "The 50 Coolest Records of All Time"

At least four of the tracks from Secret Treaties are featured in every BÖC "best of" compilation ever released - that includes the mysterious lead-off track "Career of Evil" which was written by punk poetess Patti Smith, a longtime contributor to the band, the somewhat lyrically disturbing "Subhuman," the mischievous "Harvester of Eyes" and the exceptional epic closer "Astronomy."

The songs are expansive and lush in their textures. The BÖC flamboyance is all here and so are the overdriven guitar riffs, the outpouring of urban frustration, an offbeat sense of humor and an ability to rock with grandeur. While elements of psychedelia have always been a part of the band's sound, it was always enfolded in proto-metal heaviness and biker boogie. Here, BÖC created their own brand of heavy psychedelic noir to diversify their considerably aggressive attack.

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