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Billy Joel::Glass Houses

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Billy Joel
Glass Houses
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You May Be Right              
Sometimes A Fantasy          
Don't Ask Me Why              
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me          
All For Leyna             
I Don't Want To Be Alone          
Sleeping With The Television On     
C'Etait Toi (You Were The One)     
Close To The Borderline         
Through The Long Night

Mastered by Kevin Gray

"1980 Grammy Awards Winner - Best Male Rock Vocal Performance"

The 1980 album begins with the sound of glass shattering - Billy Joel decided
to change musical gears for his seventh album and with producer Phil Ramone,
Glass Houses delivered a mix of hard rock, soft rock, pop, and new wave. New
sounds are present on this record, and Billy's acoustic piano gives way to heavier
keyboards, meaty guitar riffs and more prominent drums.

Glass Houses still displays the hallmarks of Billy Joel the pop craftsman and features
his first #1 single, "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me," as well as the hits, "Sometimes a
" and "Don't Ask Me Why."  The album was #1 for six weeks and ranked # 4
on Billboard's year-end album chart.

Joel remains one of the greatest hitmakers of our time and this album gives us a
look at a younger artist and what is regarded as his first pure rock album.


"...Glass Houses connects immediately with a string of hits never powerful and succinct as Joel gets."