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Billy Joel :: 52nd Street

Billy Joel
52nd Street
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Big Shot    
My Life     
Rosalinda's Eyes   
Half A Mile Away   
Until The Night    
52nd Street  

Mastered by Steve Hoffman


 Limited Edition #5

Billy Joel :: 52nd Street

Winner of the 1979 Grammy for Album of the Year

52nd Street is Billy Joel's sixth studio album and the first to reach #1 in Billboard.  The 1978 release contains some essential American pop songs including the three Top 40 hits, "My Life," "Big Shot," and "Honesty."

The sophisticated and somewhat jazzy album is conceptualized like a musical,  a showcase of masterful writing and musicianship. Joel interjects rock, soul and Latin rhythyms along with the jazz. The music flows together smoothly, thanks to Phil Ramone's seamless production and Joel's melodic craftsmanship.

The jazz influences come through most strongly on "Zanzibar" - featuring Freddie Hubbard's trumpet solos - "Stiletto," and the title track. The album's standout is the gorgeously layered love song, "Until the Night"

It is noteworthy that in 1982, 52nd Street became the first Sony album to be released on CD. 

 # 352 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time

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