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Billy Idol::Rebel Yell

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Billy Idol
Rebel Yell
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1   Rebel Yell 
2   Daytime Drama 
3   Eyes Without A Face  
4   Blue Highway  
Flesh For Fantasy 
6   Catch My Fall  
7   Crank Call 
(Do Not) Stand In The Shadows 
9   The Dead Next Door 

Mastered by Steve Hoffman

"... a landmark album, an eclectic stew of punk, pop, new-wave, and metal."

There's a cool aggression to 1983's "Rebel Yell," Billy Idol's second album that is equal parts new-wave, metal, punk, and pop. Although his debut was a hit and remains a classic, it was "Rebel Yell" that is his masterpiece. The album reunited Billy with the hit-making team of producer, Keith Forsey and the atmospheric guitarwork of Stevie Stevens that can only be called rock & roll nirvana.

The album reached #6 on Billboard's  Top 200 propelled by four hit singles including, "Rebel Yell," the eloquently gorgeous "Eyes Without a Face" with the haunting female backup singing of Perri Lister, and "Flesh for Fantasy" all of which were hit music videos.  With a permanently snarled upper lip and the perfect matinee-idol blond hair, Billy Idol made punk rock palatable for MTV and the masses.

"...Idol's best written and most consistent album. It also stands as one of the best albums from the 1980's."