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The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds 24K

The Beach Boys
Pet Sounds
Price: $29.99
  1. Wouldn't It Be Nice
  2. You Still Believe In Me
  3. That's Not Me
  4. Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
  5. I'm Waiting For The Day
  6. Let's Go Away For Awhile
  7. Sloop John B
  8. God Only Knows
  9. I Know There's An Answer
  10. Here Today
  11. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
  12. Pet Sounds
  13. Caroline, No
  14. Hang On To Your Ego


Mastered by Steve Hoffman

One of the most acclaimed and influential albums of all time.  Recorded in 1965-66 and released in May of 1966, “Pet Sounds” is forever battling with the Beatles’ “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band” for the best album ever recorded.  George Martin, the Beatles’ producer, stated that “Without Pet Sounds, Sergeant Pepper wouldn’t have ever happened.”  “Pet Sounds” is Brian Wilson’s timeless gift to the world.   The album includes “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” “Sloop John B.,” “God Only Knows,” “Caroline No” and other classics tracks as well as the Bonus Track, “Hang On To Your Ego”.   Audio Fidelity used the original analog 1966 mix by Brian Wilson for the purest sound in 24 Karat Gold.  Faithful to the original release in all respects, this new version is considered by many to be the ultimate PET SOUNDS.