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Back In The Day...Live At Hurrah’s

Back In The Day...
Live At Hurrah’s
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  1. THE GO-GO’S - You Can't Talk In Your Sleep
  2. THE FLESHTONES - Fascination
  3. SKIDS - Charles
  5. SNAKEFINGER - I Love Mary
  6. THE RAYBEATS - Static
  7. THE DEL-BYZANTEENS - My World Is Empty
  8. BUZZ & THE FLYERS - Boppin' Along
  9. THE BONGOS - In The Congo
  10. AU PAIRS - Come Again
  11. JOEY WILSON - That Girl
  12. LENE LOVICH - Monkey Talk
  13. THE PIRANHAS - Boyfriend
  14. ACTION COMBO - Horn Man
  15. SWOLLEN MONKEYS - Cielito Lindo
  16. MONOCHROME SET - Alphaville
  17. THE MO-DETTES - Paint It Black
  18. OUR DAUGHTER’S WEDDING - Nightlife
  20. POLYROCK - No Love Lost
  21. PYLONS- You Cannot
  22. SHOX LUMANIA - Finding Out Too Late
  23. METHOD ACTORS - Sounds Like You
  24. DEFUNKT - Make Them Dance
  25. LIQUID LIQUID - The First Cut
  26. MAGAZINE - I Don't Know
  27. THE PUBLIC SERVANTS - Beauty Based On Science
  28. BUZZ & THE FLYERS - Boomerang
  29. LENE LOVICH - The Night
  30. THE WAITRESSES - I Know What Boys Want

First came Punk, with its' raw roughness, and that evolved into New Wave. Rock and Roll had its' energy back. It had its' energy and it was rebellious again. The music rose up from everywhere across the nation and throughout Europe. It was fresh, exciting, raw and it rocked. The center of this music was New York, and in New York the center of this music was Hurrah. A small New York club, Hurrah was one of the epic centers of the new sound. This collection, Back In The Day…Live At Hurrahs, captures that explosive period. The one thing that they all had in common was, collectively, they changed the course of musical history. This DVD collection of 30 live performances (digitally remastered for picture and sound quality) captures the energy and spirit of the bands, the people and the music that brought Rock and Roll back to its' roots.