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B-52's :: Cosmic Thing

The B-52's
Cosmic Thing
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This is a glorious party of a collection

   Cosmic Thing 3:50  
   Dry County 4:54  
   Deadbeat Club 4:45  
   Love Shack 5:21  
   Junebug 5:04  
   Roam 4:45  
   Bushfire 4:58  
   Channel Z 4:49
   Topaz 4:20  
   Follow Your Bliss 4:08

It's colorful 1980s pop, and every track is fun and full of personality.

Cosmic Thing, released in 1989,  became the B-52's most successful album and established
them as the world's best party band of all time.

Following the tragic loss of guitarist Ricky Wilson in 1985 it was not clear whether the surviving
band members would ever perform or record again. Suddenly in 1989, they triumphantly returned with a completely new image, revitalized and benefiting from the Nile Rodgers and Don Was production that hit a neat balance between their earlier extremes and some really solid pop.

For all their fame, their glitchy sound never received much airplay or big sales, but this album
gave the group a long-awaited Top Ten hit,  "Love Shack," Fred Schneider's ultra-silly,
ultra-clever, irresistible dance and pseudo-rap number and another hit, "Roam,"  a Cindy Wilson
showcase with a lovely a cappella choir intro, a driving beat, and infectious handclaps. Cindy and Kate Pierson are featured on the hit slacker anthem "Deadbeat Club"and this was the first album in which Keith Strickland played the guitar.

Cosmic Thing is funky, funny, stylish, and has enough of an edge to make you wanna  


Hurry-up and bring your jukebox money!