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A prog masterpiece that stands the test of time - it's a virtual Greatest Hits album

1   Heat Of The Moment
2   Only Time Will Tell
3   Sole Survivor 
4   One Step Closer 
5   Time Again
6   Wildest Dreams
7   Without You
8   Cutting Fine
9   Here Comes The Feeling 

Mastered by KEVIN GRAY

One of the finest debuts in rock history, there's no denying the epic grandeur of the music

Asia's debut spent 9 weeks at #1 on the U.S. album chart. "Heat Of The Moment" (#4), "Sole Survivor" (#10), and "Only Time Will Tell" (#17) were huge Top 40 hits. Asia would go on to receive a Grammy nomination as Best New Artist of the Year and Billboard named Asia Album of the Year.

One of the first true supergroups - The band had an amazing pedigree made-up of former members of veteran progressive rock bands Steve Howe (lead guitarist from Yes), Carl Palmer (drummer from Emerson, Lake & Palmer), John Wetton (vocalist & bassist from King Crimson) and Geoff Downes (keyboardist from the Buggles).

The quartet set out to make an album that drew from their progressive backgrounds, but with shorter song-oriented material. They were right on the mark with great songs and production work - this record is just fun, emotional, raw prog-pop, served up early 80's style.

The album showcasess the talents of the members both as songwriters and musicians. Asia captured a spark and sound that riveted listeners, they became one of the most played acts on a new music media outlet called MTV that premiered on cable channels in 1981 throughout the US and in over 50 million households and for a few brief, shining moments their rock & pop ruled the music world selling over 10 million worldwide. 

Asia's logo and cover art were created by illustrator Roger Dean of Yes and Uriah Heep fame.