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America :: Homecoming

America :: Homecoming
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Ventura Highway
To Each His Own
Don't Cross the River
Moon Song
Only in Your Heart
Till the Sun Comes Up Again
Cornwall Blank
Head and Heart
California Revisited
Saturn Nights

Produced by America
Mastered for this SACD by Steve Hoffman
at Stephen Marsh Mastering


One Copy Remains...
Limited Edition  #9

America :: Homecoming

"A classic treasure...One of the best albums from the early 70s!"

America's 1972 Homecoming album includes one of their best known hits, "Ventura Highway"with it's creative acoustic guitar lines, smart vocal harmonies and spaced-out lyrics,it's a fan favorite and one of their best songs.

Homecoming was the band's second album and the trio were determined to avoid the "soph omorejinx" so when work began on the new album America pulled out all the stops to reach their goal.Their production maintains the acoustic guitar  underpinning heard on the successful debut albumbut builds on the sound of that first record by featuring more electric guitar and keyboards.

Homecoming is a melodic  album full of catchy folk ballads and great harmonies and features twoother hits, "Don't Cross the River" and "Only in Your Heart." Several other songs received heavy FM radio airplay. The album is a collection of thoughtful, well-written, and skillfully sung songs..It's one of America's better albums, possibly their best for Homecoming helped continue the band's popularity, reached the Top 10 on Billboard's Pop Albums chart and was certified platinum by the RIAA.

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