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Alice Cooper: Love It To Death

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Alice Cooper
Love It To Death
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1. Caught In A Dream
2. I'm Eighteen
3. Long Way To Go 
4. Black Juju
5. Is It My Body
6. Hallowed Be My Name
7. Second Coming
8. Ballad of Dwight Fry
9. Sun Arise

One of Rolling Stone magazine's 500 greatest albums of all time.

... The original banned cover!

After the 24K success of "School's Out" and "Killer", Audio Fidelity completes our 2009 Alice Cooper Trilogy with the band's 1971 major label debut, "Love It To Death".  After 38 years die-hard fans still argue over which is the best.

Our 24K package includes the controversial album cover - The Audio Fidelity censors, the same people wo brought you the infamous AF Virgin Vinyl poster, have let another one slip through.

Captivating from the start and not a bit of filler, this album introduced the truly unique band to the mainstream with songs that forever sound new and original including, "Ballad of Dwight Fry", "Is It My Body" and a Cooper's trademark, “I'm Eighteen” (one of the all-time great coming of age songs).  They incorporate blues, jazz, even songs styled after Broadway showtunes...and it's all ground-breaking Rock & Roll, in that the group firmly established their voice and personna.  Punk? Glam? Shock-Rock? Horror-Rock? Heavy Metal?  Anything created since, it all starts here.

"Where's Daddy? Do you think he's ever coming home?"

Mastered by Steve Hoffman