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10,000 Maniacs::Our Time in Eden

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10,000 Maniacs
Our Time in Eden
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Side One:
1. Noah's Dove
2. These Are Days
3. Eden
4. Few and Far Between
5. Stockton Gala Days
6. Gold Rush Brides
7. Jezebel

Side Two:
1. How You've Grown
2. Candy Everybody Wants
3. Tolerance
4. Circle Dream
5. If You Intend
6. I'm Not the Man

Mastered by Kevin Gray

"...One of the best records of the early 90's alternative rock movement...worthy of status among the greats."

Our Time in Eden is the last 10,000 Maniacs studio album to feature original lead singer Natalie Merchant. The 1992 album is a tremendous work in terms of production and the maturity of the compostions, everything came together for these pioneers of alternative music. The album gets its strength from the overall style, it is full of texture and variety, whether with old-school R&B horns, chiming rhythm guitar or the simple elegance of lush piano and strings.      

10,000 Maniacs wrote some of the best music of their time - rich melodies and intelligent lyrics, like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell they excelled at cerebral, wonderful folk-pop songs. Merchant conjures a place and time with ease and the rest of the band, Rob Buck, Dennis Drew, Steve Gustafson, and Jerome Augustyniak, gives her the superb support to flourish.

Singles include the #1 Billboard Magazine Modern Rock hit, "These Are Days," "Candy Everybody Wants," and "Few and Far Between" as well as a number of album tracks that dominated college radio airwaves. Our Time in Eden belongs in any collection of seminal 90's music, it is a true testament to what music beyond the mainstream could be...a finer swan song has seldom been heard.                                                                  

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"Merchant is a gifted lyricist and her greatest work can be found among Eden's 13 tracks."
Slant Magazine