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The Doobie Brothers – Minute by Minute - Audio Fidelity AFZ 025 Gold CD - ***1/2

Date Posted: 
March 1, 2005

The Doobie Brothers produce a tight brand of lite rock that utilizes horns and keyboards along with the most recognizable part of the band—Michael McDonald’s voice. People usually either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I have to admit that I find some of the music to be a little lightweight, but then there are other songs that are classics like “What a Fool Believes.”

The Faces’ A Nod is As Good As a Wink

Date Posted: 
February 16, 2005

The Faces’ A Nod is As Good As a Wink…to a Blind Horse represent The Faces at their finest moment in the history of their all too brief career. While they went on to produce another fine album with Ooh La La, none of the band's output captured the heart of the band as stupendously as A Nod…did. This album contains all the promise of an up and coming band with none of the internal conflicts that inevitably find their way through final albums.

The Searchers: The Collection

Date Posted: 
August 18, 2004

If you're a fan of the 60's British Invasion, or you just like simple, and simply wonderful, harmony-laced pop, good news abounds!  Our esteemed editor Matt Rowe recently reviewed the new Animals' and Herman's Hermits' Retrospectives on SACD (see Archives), I have a great DVD-A of The Very Best of The Marmalade, and The Zombies 'Greatest Hits' (Audio Fidelity #AFZ001) on SACD, as well as this new SACD, again from the fine folks at Audio Fidelity (#AFZ018), entitled The Searchers 'The Collection'.  In SACD Hybrid stereo, the news is nothing but great!  This Searchers’ disc, as well as The Zo

Audio Fidelity Issues New Bob Marley Super Audio CD

Date Posted: 
June 13, 2004

Audio Fidelity's latest Super Audio CD release features 15 classic tracks from Reggae legend Bob Marley. On the disc, Marley performs with the Wailers and the Upsetters during recording sessions in Kingston, Jamaica from 1969 - 1972.

As with previous Audio Fidelity SACD releases, the new disc is a Single Inventory Hybrid Stereo Super Audio CD. It features SACD Stereo and CD Stereo versions of the music on the album and is playable on SACD, CD and SACD compatible DVD Video players. The SACD disc will serve as the SACD and CD edition of the release, no separate CD will be issued.

Marshall Blonstein: Trailblazer

Date Posted: 
May 7, 2004

With his humble beginnings and his prominent forward movement in the music industry during Rock's infancy and teen years on through to the present time, Blonstein continues to provide music lovers with the best he can offer in the best sound that he can provide.

Audio Fidelity Releases Jimmy Reed on Super Audio CD

Date Posted: 
February 6, 2004

Audio Fidelity continues to bring classic albums to market with the release of Jimmy Reed at Carnegie Hall in the Super Audio CD format. The new edition of this album features all 23 songs from the original release which initially appeared as a 2 album set on Vinyl LP in the 1960's on the VeeJay label and was later reissued as a Stereo CD.

Deep Purple: Live on the BBC

Date Posted: 
January 20, 2004

Every young person that has ever aspired to rock stardom since the 70s knows the riffs of "Smoke on the Water". Its simplistic structure and ease of movement on the fretboard makes it the 'go-to' warmup or the introductory lesson in learning to play the instrument. If you didn't play this on an actual guitar, then you have on air guitar at some point. It is easily Deep Purple's most recognizable tune and is definitely their signature song.

Tommy Turrentine & Lightnin' Hopkins SACDs

Date Posted: 
November 6, 2003

At the recent Home Entertainment 2003 show, Audio Fidelity released their two latest Hybrid Stereo SACDs by Tommy Turrentine and Lightnin' Hopkins. Audio Fidelity's owner, Marshall Blonstein, was at the Elusive Disc booth at the show on Friday and Saturday and I had a chance to chat with him and catch up on the latest goings on at the label.

Max SACD! Three Classics from Audio Fidelity

Date Posted: 
July 3, 2003

The three new ear-opening re-releases from Audio Fidelity that showed up last week are: John Lee Hooker, Boogie Chillen', AFZ 005 (2003); Sonny Clark, Sonny Clark Trio, AFZ 006 (2003); and Ritchie Valens, Ritchie Valens Greatest Hits, AFZ 008 (2003). These releases are done in hybrid Super Audio (SACD) format, which is compatible with plain old vanilla CD players. The sound is quite good in either format, but a noticeable notch better in SACD.

Ritchie Valens: Greatest Hits

Date Posted: 
March 14, 2003

Buddy Holly was not the only musician to die in that plane in 1959. Also on board was up and coming Ritchie Valens, not yet eighteen but already mounting an assault on the pop charts. Was he headed to the top? We will never know. He only left behind three albums and a few singles to testify to his promising talent.