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Music Review: Bryan Adams, "Cuts Like a Knife" [24 KT Gold Limited, Numbered Edition CD]

Date Posted: 
February 27, 2012

Cuts Like a Knife, the third album from Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is the one that put him on the map.  He wanted to name his previous record Bryan Adams Hasn't Heard of You Either, but saner heads prevailed, and You Want It, You Got It started to get some play on album rock radio stations. So, the follow-up was primed to breakthrough, and it did with a Top 30 ("This Time"), Top 20 ("Cuts Like a Knife") and Top 10 ("Straight from the Heart") hit.

Dio – Holy Diver (1983; 2012 Audio Fidelity remaster)

Date Posted: 
February 24, 2012

Believe it or not, there was once a time when metal was just metal. You didn’t have the death and black metal guys looking down their noses at the power and traditional metal fans and vice versa. You didn’t have publicists mangling language to create a subgenre like “blackened jazz thrash death polka” so their band could be the only act in that category. Metal just was.

Bryan Adams – Cuts Like a Knife (1983; 2012 Audio Fidelity remaster)

Date Posted: 
January 30, 2012

By the time Cuts Like a Knife was released in January of 1983, Bryan Adams had spent several years refining his craft. Smitten with rock and roll since elementary school, the Canadian born singer, songwriter and guitarist started playing in bands, touring and making records as a teenager.

Audio Fidelity "Best of 2011" Year End Lists::CS&N & Riot

Date Posted: 
January 15, 2012

Audio Fidelity 24K Gold and New Target Series Vinyl Releases on 2011 Year End Best Lists

Powerline, the metal website, named the Riot LP as the best vinyl record release of 2011 and MetroTimes chooses Crosby, Stills & Nash as #1 of the Top 5 Reissues of 2011

Audio Fidelity Gets CS&N Off the Couch and Into Your Room

Date Posted: 
December 29, 2011

The Mastering Session and The Music / Sometimes you just get lucky
The day I learned Steve Hoffman was going to re-master Crosby, Stills & Nash for an Audio Fidelity gold CD edition turned out to be the same day he actually did it. I found out early enough in the day to secure an invitation to Marsh Mastering in Los Angeles, and because I happened to be staying with friends that day only an hour away, managed to arrive in time to witness the entire session. CS&N has been a favorite since I was a teen, so for me, this was like winning the lottery.

Grateful Dead :: Blues For Allah & Shakedown Street 9-10/2011

Date Posted: 
September 15, 2011

There's no time like now for audiophile Deadhead fans! Audio Fidelity just released these two amazing reissues of Shakedown Street and Blues for Allah and five more Dead titles from Rhino and four from Mobile Fidelity are on the way!

Audio the NEWS...(Ten Years After, Bad Company)

Date Posted: 
September 15, 2011

New MUSIC WORTH BUYING episode. On the latest episode of Music Worth Buying, TJR champions the new album Rome from Danger Mouse and Daniel Luppi, while I celebrate Audio Fidelity’s 24 Karat Gold CDs, including Bad Company’s Straight Shooter and Ten Years After’s A Space In Time.

Review: James Taylor - Sweet Baby James, 24KT Gold Limited, Numbered Edition

Date Posted: 
September 15, 2011

After recording an underrated album for the Beatles' record label, Apple, in 1968, James Taylor returned to the States to kick his drug habit and restart his career. A year later he moved to California, signed with Warner Brothers, and imported his producer from London, Peter Asher. Consequently Taylor reintroduced himself to listeners with Sweet Baby James, a landmark album that established the singer/songwriter as a major artist.

Music Review: James Taylor - Sweet Baby James [Audio Fidelity 24K+ Gold]

Date Posted: 
September 6, 2011

For those of us whose vinyl copies of James Taylor's triple-platinum 1970 album Sweet Baby James have worn out over time, Audio Fidelity has released a limited-numbered edition of the masterpiece in their 24K+ Gold Compact Disc Series, which uses a unique process to create the kind of warm sound many feel has been lost on today's standard disc. As they describe it, they use the original mixes to create what they consider the best versions of each song to produce a disc with a 24-karat, defect-free gold surface.

Rush – Roll The Bones (24KT CD)

Date Posted: 
September 1, 2011

Roll The Bones is one of those Rush albums that was largely forgot. I remember the title being fairly strong, as my father purchased it when it originally came out (1991). Audio Fidelity has picked up the title and is attempting to restore some of the glory that it rightfully deserves. By remastering the original tapes to a current level and placing it onto a 24K gold CD, Audio Fidelity has made a release that is as close to what the band wanted as possible.