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Vangelis <> Blade Runner OST (Hybrid SACD Remaster)

Date Posted: 
July 15, 2013

Ridley Scott’s 1982 Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner had an equally memorable soundtrack provided by Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou, a Greek composer known worldwide as Vangelis. His electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop, rock, and orchestral scores are recognized as more than an addition to a movie or background music.

YES <> Going For The One (Hybrid SACD Remaster)

Date Posted: 
July 2, 2013

In 1978 Yes recorded one of their greatest epics during a time when punk rock reigned supreme. 
Going For The One is consider by many to be a masterpiece that marked the return of keyboardist Rick Wakeman and shorter song lengths.  The album went to number one on the UK Charts for one week and reached number eight on the Billboard 200.  It contained two hit singles that became staples in the bands live performances and the LP remains one of Yes’s finest productions to date.

ELVIS PRESLEY <> King Creole (Hybrid SACD Remaster)

Date Posted: 
July 2, 2013

“The King”, “Elvis the Pelvis”, “The King of Rock and Roll” these are all names given to one of rock and roll’s most recognized and beloved icons of the 20th century.  In 1956 the rock and roll world was forever changed as Elvis released his first self titled LP on RCA Records launching his career at break neck speed.  In the years to come Presley sold millions of records and products and became one of the most successful musicians of all time.  In 1958 Presley entered the U.S.

YES <> Close To The Edge (Hybrid SACD Remaster)

Date Posted: 
May 9, 2013

It’s no surprise that Close to the Edge has been as popular as it has been. When it was released in 1973, it shook Yes fans’ world. Even Jon Anderson, in a recent TAP (and The Morton Report) interview, said that the band knew they had created “…something special”. Since its release, there has been multiple versions of the groundbreaking album released including Rhino Records’ vault-revisited reissue that provided a good remaster, and important bonus tracks.

Rush :: Counterparts

Date Posted: 
March 19, 2013

    Progressive rock in the early '90s was not the place to make it and pay the bills. There were a few bands that were able to flow with the times and record relevant music regardless of what the public taste was at the time. Rush was one of those brilliant bands that have fans that saw them through the changes and supported them through thick and thin.

Interview: Audio Fidelity's Marshall Blonstein Talks Music

Date Posted: 
February 8, 2013

Music biz pioneer and aggressive sound quality master talks tough love about classic titles.

Big Brother & The Holding Company <> Cheap Thrills (24kt Gold)

Date Posted: 
January 2, 2013

1968 was a pivotal year in many ways and Big Brother & The Holding Company burst onto the music scene with their fiery lead singer Janis Joplin. Cheap Thrills was a thrilling debut complete with striking comic strip artwork from Robert Crumb that attracted the eyes and imagination of millions.

Stevie Wonder - Innervisions...What, this record again? But wait: It never sounded better!

Date Posted: 
May 16, 2012

Besides having the vision and wherewithal to frame his running commentary on America and the black condition inside the most hook-filled soul-pop ever (His most underrated song: "He's Misstra Know-it-All"), Wonder played a lion's share of the instruments here too. Not so easy on tape machines and analog punch-ins! But you already know all that.

Music Review: Bryan Adams, "Cuts Like a Knife" [24 KT Gold Limited, Numbered Edition CD]

Date Posted: 
February 27, 2012

Cuts Like a Knife, the third album from Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is the one that put him on the map.  He wanted to name his previous record Bryan Adams Hasn't Heard of You Either, but saner heads prevailed, and You Want It, You Got It started to get some play on album rock radio stations. So, the follow-up was primed to breakthrough, and it did with a Top 30 ("This Time"), Top 20 ("Cuts Like a Knife") and Top 10 ("Straight from the Heart") hit.

Dio – Holy Diver (1983; 2012 Audio Fidelity remaster)

Date Posted: 
February 24, 2012

Believe it or not, there was once a time when metal was just metal. You didn’t have the death and black metal guys looking down their noses at the power and traditional metal fans and vice versa. You didn’t have publicists mangling language to create a subgenre like “blackened jazz thrash death polka” so their band could be the only act in that category. Metal just was.